I believe it is part of a Commissioner’s job to champion education, particularly at this time of unprecedented challenges to privatize schools. I will provide strong leadership to protect and improve our public schools. By helping to create a stronger environment that supports better public schools and student achievement, we can make sure Kissimmee’s schools are second-to-none. I will be a fierce advocate for parents, students, and our public school teachers and administrators to protect public schools from destructive policies that cut education funding.

OPEN GOVERNMENT AND DEMOCRATIC ENGAGEMENT, As Commissioner, I will work with community members to have a detailed understanding of city activities and a stronger voice in the budgetary and other processes of their government. Tracking data and making that information publicly available can transform city work, through giving the public detailed performance measurements, holding the city accountable for its improvements and shortfalls, and empowering wider public access to the city, online and in person.

I believe in extensive public involvement in the decision making process for any major economic or social impact to the city. The public suffers when decisions are made by a small cabal of insiders and without effective public leadership.

I will help in the preservation of our downtown from overdevelopment and potential eyesores. I will make sure the city enacts and enforces strict guidelines for developments. Developers will have a clear set of environmental standards.

We will have a more sustainable city by putting solar panels on top of city buildings, disclosing energy use of major buildings, and supporting greater innovation and use of alternative energy sources. I will also work to increase bike trails, improve parks and protect our green space and biodiversity.


Our citizens make the community

As your Mayor, I will ensure that everyone has fair access to city services and facilities and that new developments are built with accessibility in mind. I will be a tireless advocate to ensure that Kissimmee is an inclusive city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.