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Commissioner Eady was sworn in on November 22, 2016. The Thing I like Most about Being a Commissioner is: I enjoy being a significant impact on changing lives for the better. I want people to know and truly believe that they matter. I want what is best for all of our citizens. Everyone's life should be enriched to the fullest as long as he or she is willing and able to work at it.

MAYOR PRO TEM ANGELA EADY Angela Eady elected to Kissimmee City Commission in 2016, is now vying for Alvarez’s soon-to-be empty Mayor seat.

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Kissimmee Commissioner Angela Eady

Kissimmee City Commissioner candidate Andrew Jeng, who is Chinese American, is winning the race on diversity and inclusion by a landslide, earning endorsements from Puerto Rican and African American elected officials. Kissimmee City Commissioner Angela Eady, the first African American to be elected to Kissimmee City Commission, is the latest elected official to endorse Jeng for Kissimmee City Commissioner.

Angela Eady Elected Kissimmee City Commissioner Seat 3: Thirty-Five Years In The Making

Watching the election returns with her family, and more than fifty of her loyal supporters, Angela was filled with great anticipation and trepidation. When asked how she felt during the watch, she said, "I felt there was a great possibility that I could win, because I had worked extremely hard canvassing throughout Kissimmee non-stop for 18 months."

Commissioner proposes killing term limits

A proposal to abolish term limits for elected Kissimmee city commissioners ignited a heated debate between government officials and city residents during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting. Commissioner Angela Eady raised the controversial topic.