Not New Leadership - The Right Leadership

“At this critical time in Kissimmee’s history, a new voice with unquestioned values and vision for the future is needed. I’m running for Commissioner so that a generation from now, citizens will be glad we made the decisions we’re going to make in the next four years.” – Angela Eady


The City of Kissimmee

Kissimmee is a wonderful city to live. We have a beautiful historic downtown, unique local businesses, a thriving arts programs, parks and trails, fantastic weather and a variety of entertainment choices. These are just of few of the many wonderful features available in our community. The future of Kissimmee rests upon our ability to build on and further harness our natural resources, energy and creativity to make our city an even greater place to live. To assure that this bright future is open to everyone, we must proactively and creatively address the challenges of job creation, affordable housing, and quality education.


My goal is to create sustainable new jobs by encouraging an entrepreneurial economy based on innovation and creativity. That means establishing policies and approaches that encourage local entrepreneurs. This means identifying ways to cut business costs, provide loans and infrastructure support for local small businesses, provide job training tailored to the local labor market, and establishing a process of planning and zoning supportive of desirable local businesses.


We must address our lack of affordable housing head on. For Kissimmee to maintain its unique character, it must be affordable to people of all backgrounds and income. We face serious challenges in helping people in Kissimmee who are experiencing poverty and homelessness – including hundreds of families with children. As Commissioner, I will take a multi-pronged approach to housing to make sure Kissimmee works for everyone.

Needs of the KISSIMMEE Community

Implement Inclusionary Zoning:

I will support inclusionary zoning—a practice that requires developments to set aside a percentage of units for lower income tenants or owners—to increase the number of affordable units. Inclusionary zoning will help make rent prices more affordable to homeless families.

Promote Programs to Address Homelessness:

I will work hard to get federal funding to refurbish abandoned apartment complexes and motels to house some of our homeless veterans and disadvantage families. I will coordinate efforts among dedicated nonprofits and faith-based organizations to end homelessness for all families and children living in Kissimmee.

Make Homeownership A Reality:

I will help increase homeownership for Kissimmee families by supporting new and existing nonprofits in acquiring, rehabbing, and preserving homes across the city. New financing mechanisms can help local nonprofits compete against investors who want to flip houses.


Organizations and Community Support Groups

Public Service