Kissimmee Commissioner Angela Eady is lifelong resident of Osceola County. Commissioner Eady has been a champion for access to affordable healthcare, enhanced education opportunities and bringing high paying jobs to Kissimmee. Besides serving as your Commissioner, Angela also works fulltime for a major pharmaceutical distributor and has worked in the health care industry nearly 3 decades.

Commissioner Eady has been in Public Service for most of her adult life and has spent countless hours volunteering to build a better community for the residents of the great City of Kissimmee. In the past she has served on the Osceola Planning Commission and the Osceola Charter Review Committee. Angela currently serves as member on the board of directors for :

  • Osceola County Education Foundation
  • Community Vision
  • Osceola County Chapter of the NAACP
  • Caribbean American Floridian Association
  • Osceola County Chapter of the Democratic Executive Committee
  • Organize Florida
Awards Include:
  • Outstanding Community Service Award (NAACP)
  • Outstanding Community work, support and Leadership Award (Mercy Foundation)
  • Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm Award (The National Congress of Black Women)
  • Exceptional Leadership and Devoted Service to the City of Kissimmee Award
  • Community Service Award (Caribbean and Floridian Association)
  • Legends Tea 2018 AKA Honoree (Delta Omicron Omega Chapter)
  • Community Service Award (Congressman Darren Soto)

Commissioner Eady will continue to work to provide assistance to our veterans, increase affordable housing opportunities and combat homelessness. Public safety is a priority for Angela, she will continue to bridge the gap between the Community and Law Enforcement, she is a true advocate for unifying this city because she believes the only race that really matters is the HUMAN RACE. Because she believes in equality for all, she will continue to fight for equality for all. Therefore, we need to keep Commissioner Eady fighting for everyone in Kissimmee as our Mayor!